The Toward the Goal materials are designed to help children know Jesus as their Savior. The materials will be used by individuals, churches, and organizations to use the power of storytelling to take children through the entire story of the Bible. As the children develop a biblical perspective of the world around them, they are lovingly shown the path to saving faith in Jesus Christ.

Toward the Goal begins with a soccer parable that follows the exploits of the Blueville FC football team. The story mirrors the corresponding Bible story helping the children to connect their everyday lives to the principles of the Bible, growing in them a Biblical worldview.

Both the parable and Bible story are available in video format. There is also a PDF book version of the stories for the children that is printer-ready. The book can be used on it’s own or to supplement the viewing of the videos. We have also created a flipchart version of the story for use where video is not available. Coaches can also download lessons to their phones for use on the field.